The Textual Time Traveller

Join the author in his conceptual time machine, as he ranges through the centuries, examining the work of early Christian scribes. Stand with him looking over their shoulders. Understand how they cooperated, the difficulties they encountered, the constraints under which they operated and the mistakes they made.

Interrogate Paul.

Investigate the creativity of the author of Mark.

Look on as the Church, in the fourth century, made its blueprint bible.

See how gospel characters emerged, in an imperfect process of transliteration and translation, from Aramaic to Greek.

The Textual Time Traveller will be available throughout 2024, free to download in twelve monthly parts.

New links will be posted each month.

Serialised contents:


  1   What Paul has to say                                       

  2   Who Paul knew                                            

  3    According to Mark                                         

  4    Where Mark gets it from                               

  5    Simon becomes Cephas                                 

  6     A snapshot in time                                            

  7    The end – in plain sight                                  

  8    Master copy                                                   

  9    Last chance for change

10    Tomb of the High Priest                                 

11    Jewish family

12    The missing names