The Lost Narrative of Jesus

Peter Cresswell’s latest book is The Lost Narrative of Jesus, published by JHP Publishing, 2016. He uncovers an underlying Jewish narrative in Mark, the first of the gospels and, for the passion story, the prime source for later gospel writers. It was to do with the End Times, believed to be imminent, with John the Baptist (in spirit, Elijah) sent as God’s messenger and the tribulations of Jesus as the last great sign. Christians subsequently shifted the focus to Jesus, incorporating a remarkable tale of death and survival into a myth of resurrection. brought to the new sect by its pagan converts.

But in Mark the ending – though clearly signalled – is missing, and with it the Christian story of a dying and resurrecting god-man. So, what happened to it?  Cresswell solves the mystery, which has puzzled apologists and textual analysts for centuries, with a theory that is both comprehensive and, in relation to the evidence, compelling.

  • Jesus the terrorist, published by O Books, 2010, offers a historical perspective. One pivotal argument is that Jesus, his brothers and their descendants did not exist in isolation but were part of the nationalist movement whose activities culminated in the ill-fated Jewish uprising in CE 66.